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Direct-to-plate Photopolymer Photogravure

This collection of information is the result of being awarded an Artist Support Grant by RAC (St. Louis Regional Arts Commission). None of this would have happened without that organization's support of my proposal to practice and research DTP photopolymer photogravure. All information published here is free for everyone who visits. However, in some cases in the future, a donation will be asked for specifics based on my research and practice to help fund this resource. No actual profit will be made, I'm sure.

Topics and posts will include, but are not limited to:

  • DIY UV exposure box

  • Epson P900

  • Quadtone RIP

  • Print Tool

  • Polymer plates

  • Inking and printing

  • CMYK DTP Photopolymer Photogravure (distant and ultimate goal)

I sincerely know very little about what I'm getting myself into as of the date of this post. To start, I was interested in learning to print black and white photography in a way that was slower and more intimate. Now, understand I have zero issues with inkjet prints and do print my work with an inkjet regularly. But, there is a lack of physical personal involvement I want that is not provided by creating an inkjet print. So, after some web browsing, I found that the closest workshop to Eastern Missouri was at Mountain Intaglio in Asheville, NC hosted by Clay Harmon. I signed up and so did a printmaker colleague. We drove to Asheville, NC to learn about this process so we could incorporate it into our art practice and curriculum.


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